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In progress

Pablo Prieto Aparicio

Teacher training for the detection of students with specific educational support needs

In progress

Yaiza Viñuela Blázquez

The use of support and guidance systems for new students to improve academic success

In progress

Maria Alvarez de Godos

Inclusion of students with ADHD in Higher Education

In progress

Sara González Tejerina

Organization and operation of educational guidance in Spain

In progress

Mario Cortes Diaz

Universal Design for Learning in the Primary Education curriculum

In progress

Gerardo Riffo

Social well-being and life satisfaction as mediators of performance, self-efficacy and stress at the academic level of Chilean university students

In progress

Maria Fuertes Melcón

Educational mediation for conflict resolution in Primary Education

In progress

Alba González Moreira

The transition between Early Childhood and Primary Education: implications for teacher training


Alejandro Rodriguez Garcia

Active methodologies: use of teachers, effectiveness and influence on the academic performance of students


Hector Gonzalez  Mayorga

Impact of PISA on Spanish society


Ana Vazquez Casares

The  specific competencies of the nursing position and pre-hospital emergencies


Diego Gonzalez Rodriguez

The decline in academic performance between  Education  Primary  and Compulsory Secondary Education: factors and proposals for action


Carolina Pérez Rodríguez

Evolution of the entry profile of students at the University of León


Maria Jesus Dominguez

The impact of institutional educational evaluation projects in Spain


Agustín Rodríguez Esteban

The fit between training and employment of university students in Spain


Ferreira Villa Road

Guidance and support for students with disabilities in institutions of  Higher education


Belén Suárez Lantarón

The system of professional guidance and support for university students in improving their  employability


Maria Jose Vieira Aller

Comparative analysis on the planning and organization of the guidance and support system  student in higher education institutions

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